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What Is TheBlogIsMine?

At TheBlogIsMine, we choose the most interesting stories from hundreds of the U.S. and international sources on various themes: U.S. & world news, business and politics, social media news, technology news, entertainment & celebrity news, arts & cultural news, auto news, fashion & lifestyle news and etc.

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TheBlogIsMine is growing rapidly and to make it more accessible to readers, we have added one more aspect of blogging here exclusively for our readers – guest posts. Guest posts are one of the major force in the blogging arena and can get you lots of visitors to your own blog or website you are currently promoting.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Before you decide to submit your guest post at TheBlogIsMine, remember to meet the following guest blogging guidelines:

Word Limit: Your guest post should be minimum 500 words long.  We are only accepting well researched and comprehensive guest posts here. So, please don’t submit short guest posts as we won’t be able to publish them.

Guest Post Topics: The post should be relevant to the blog i.e. it should stick to the niche topics of this Blog – world & us news, politics, business, tech, social media, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, health, autos, arts & culture, weird, travel and etc.

Link Policy: No affiliate links. You can add up to 2 links in your profile section. So, No SEO Optimized Links in your Bio Section please. These two links will be shown towards the end of your guest post. No self promotional links in guest post body please. But we are recommending to add links to most trusted and popular websites in your niche and in general.

Guest Post Format: Please use headings, sub-headings, bold, italics, lists etc in your guest post to make it more engaging. if you are writing long plain text, one one is going to read that.

Image a Must: Don’t forget to include one image matching your guest posts. If you are sharing someone else image, please add a credit note for them.

Content Ownership: Your Guest post will be published at only. It could not be republished or used anywhere in any form. With this, you are giving us the ownership of your submitted content.

Big No to Copy Paste: The guest post should be written by you and not copy paste from some other source.

Comment Policy: You are supposed to reply to all incoming comments on your guest post.

Style and Flow: When it comes to guest posts, style and flow are quite important. Many people have confessed to reading articles online not based on what is written but on the style that has been used in writing these articles. Each writer should strive to create their own style as well as the personality that should also come through the writing. This will however build over time and it will become easier with each article you write.

Advantages of Submitting Guest Posts at TheBlogIsMine

  • You will get relevant backlinks
  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Build relations and authority
  • Drive targeted traffic

Submitting Guest Post

So, if you are thinking of submitting guest post here, just Contact Us with your subject as “Guest Blogging”.