Russia Ukraine

President Obama Announces New Toughest Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine
July 16th, 2014

The Obama administration expanded sanctions against Russia targeting two banks, two energy companies, Ukraine separatists and defense companies.

Pro-Russia Rebels Declare Victory in East Ukraine Vote on Self-Rule
May 12th, 2014

Ukranian region of Donetsk declared their decision to join Russia.

Ukraine Crisis: G7 Agree New Sanctions on Russia
April 25th, 2014

The G7 eapproves Kiev actions, stands for further sanctions against Russia.

Crimeans Vote 96,7% to Quit Ukraine for Russia, West Rejects Referendum
March 16th, 2014

On Sunday, voters in the Crimea region voted with overwhelming majority to separate from Ukraine to join Russia, as the region has an ethnic Russian majority and became part of Ukraine only 60 years ago.

Ukraine Mobilizes and Calls Up Reserves After Putin’s ‘Declaration of War’
March 2nd, 2014

Ukraine mobilizes its forces after Russian president claimed he had the right to invade in the neighbouring state.

Ukraine Puts Army on High Combat Alert as Putin Prepares to ‘Invade’
March 2nd, 2014

Ukraine new government asked NATO for help as Russian troops entered the region of Crimea.