Obamacare Website

U.S. Government Failed to Secure Obamacare Website, Say Experts
January 16th, 2014

Experts claim that Obamacare official web portal wasn’t properly secured by U.S. government.

Obamacare Website Enrollment Tops 1 Million
December 29th, 2013

The number of Americans who enrolled in heath care coverage surpassed 1 million, the government announced Sunday.

‘Record day’: Obamacare Deadline Extended for Last-Minute Shoppers
December 23rd, 2013

About million people took to the federal health insurance website Monday, the deadline sign up for health insurance coverage that begins Jan. 1.

‘Frustrated’ Obama Vows to Get Malfunctioning Healthcare Website Fixed
October 21st, 2013

On Monday, in his speech, President Obama admitted that the website “is not working the way it should for everybody – there’s no sugar-coating it.”

President Obama to Call Healthcare Website Glitches ‘Unacceptable’ as Fix Sought
October 20th, 2013

The website created by President Barack Obama’s health care reform law still isn’t working right.