NASA Discovers 1,284 New Alien Planets with Kepler Space Telescope
May 11th, 2016

Out of total 4,302 potential planets discovered by Kepler Space Telescope, only 1,284 had the probability of being a planet greater than 99 percent.

‘Life on Mars’: Nasa Finds First Hint of Alien Life
December 16th, 2014

Mars Curiosity Rover has discovered spikes of methane the first evidence of living organisms outside Earth.

‘Out of This World’: NASA Space Selfie by Mike Hopkins
December 27th, 2013

Astronaut Mike Hopkins, a flight engineer on NASA’s Expedition 38, was the subject of an out-of-this-world selfie on Christmas Eve, during the second of two spacewalks on the International Space Station.

NASA Plans to Put an ‘Iron Man’ Robot on Mars
December 13th, 2013

NASA plans to send their own ‘Iron Man’ on the Red Planet.

‘We’re Not Alone’: Milky Way Teeming with Billions of Earth-Size Planets
November 5th, 2013

According to the recent NASA study there are at least 8.8 billion stars with Earth-size planets in the habitable temperature zone.

Meet Space Beer, Made of Moondust and Star Trek Dreams
October 1st, 2013

NASA austronauts will soon be able to taste something extremely delicious – space beer.

Rocket Frog Takes a Flying Leap at NASA’s LADEE Launch
September 12th, 2013

NASA always make numerous ptotos when launching their rockets and satellites, but they for sure had no idea who got captured on own of thei images.

NASA Investing in 3-D Food Printer for Astronauts
May 27th, 2013

NASA is funding research into 3D-printed food by awarding a $125,000 grant to Anjan Contractor, head of Systems & Materials Research Corporation, to develop a 3D food printer.

NASA Asteroid Landing Mission to Take Place in 2021 after Accelerated Obama Plan
April 5th, 2013

NASA plans to catch a small asteroid and park it near the moon for astronauts to explore, a senator unveiled on Friday.

Mars Rover Shows Red Planet Could Have Supported Life
March 12th, 2013

An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA’s Curiosity rover shows Red Planet could have supported living microbes.

NASA Does the ‘Harlem Shake’ [Video]
March 8th, 2013

The “Harlem Shake” rush reached NASA’s Mission Control.

Strongest Evidence Yet of Life on Mars Found in Huge McLaughlin Crater
January 20th, 2013

Researchers analysing data from the spacecraft, which has been at the Red Planet’s McLaughlin crater, have found evidence of an underground lake that created a wet environment and potential habitat for life.

‘Forget Mars’: NASA Spacecraft Finds Ice and Organics on Mercury
November 30th, 2012

Despite searing daytime temperatures, Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, has ice and frozen organic materials inside permanently shadowed craters in its north pole, NASA scientists said on Thursday.