Mitt Romney Fundraiser

Mitt Romney Headlining New Hampshire GOP Fundraiser in August
July 10th, 2013

Mitt Romney is back on the political arena. but just to attend a fundraiser for the New Hampshire GOP in August.

Elections 2012: Mitt Romney Fundraising Efforts Focus on California
September 23rd, 2012

Republican nominee managed to raise millions of dollars at two fundraisers in California on Saturday to help bankroll the final weeks of the race.

Elections 2012: Republicans Signal Concern On Mitt Romney Video Comments
September 18th, 2012

Two Republican U.S. Senate candidates in close races disowned Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments on Tuesday, signaling concern about the impact of his words on Republican fortunes beyond the presidential race.

Elections 2012: Romney Says in a Video That Obama Voters Are ‘Dependent On Government’
September 17th, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney dismissed supporters of President Barack Obama – almost half of U.S. voters – as people who live off government handouts and do not “care for their lives,” in a potentially damaging video.