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Republican Convention 2012: Mitt Will ‘Lift Up America’, Says Ann Romney
August 28th, 2012

Ann Romney last night promised that her husband would “lift up America” just as he had lifted her through life-threatening illness, as she dismissed the notion that they had a “storybook marriage.”

Elections 2012: Obama Says He Won’t Apologize To Mitt Romney for Bain Attacks
July 15th, 2012

President Barack Obama has refused to apologize for accusing his rival Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs while in charge of Bain Capital, a charge his Republican opponent has dismissed as “false.”

Elections 2012: Ed Gillespie Claims Romney ‘Retired Retroactively’ From Bain Capital
July 15th, 2012

Mitt Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said Sunday that the candidate “retired retroactively” from his job at Bain Capital.