Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review
March 25th, 2016

We prepared a selection of the most prominent reviews to the just released movie.

Spider-Man Swings Back to the Marvel Movie Universe
February 10th, 2015

Peter Parker can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the studio teams up with Sony.

Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Inhumans Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe
October 29th, 2014

Marvel Studios reveiled the titles of new superhero movies that will appear on the big screen in 2015 through 2019.

Marvel Releases ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer Early After Leak [Video]
October 22nd, 2014

Marvel has shown to public the first trailer for the highly expected “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

‘The Avengers’ Smashes U.S. Box Office Record For Opening Weekend With $200.3 Million
May 7th, 2012

Hollywood is celebrating after “The Avengers” achieved easily the biggest film opening of all time.

‘The Avengers’ Smashes Overseas Box-Office Records With $178M [Video]
April 30th, 2012

The movie grossed $178.4 million at the international box office over the weekend, despite not having opened in three of the biggest markets yet: the US, China and Russia.