iPhone 5S

Applications Crash Twice as Often on iPhone 5S Compared to iPhone 5
October 12th, 2013

Apps are crashing more frequently on the new iPhone 5S, reports claim.

iPhone 5S: TouchID ‘Hacked’ in Weird Ways Within Days of Launch
September 23rd, 2013

Germany’s Chaos Computer Club claimed to have cracked the iPhone fingerprint scanner just a few days after its release.

iOS 7 Release: Apple’s New Operating System Goes Live Today
September 18th, 2013

On Wednesday, Apple will make available for free a radically redesigned iOS 7 mobile operating system that Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook described as the biggest change to the iPhone since the device’s introduction in 2007.

Apple’s iPhone 5C Now Available for Pre-Order
September 13th, 2013

Apple started its pre-order sales of their new colorful iPhones today.

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks People with ‘New’ iPhone 5S [Video]
September 12th, 2013

After Apple’s reveal of two new iPhones yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel took the opportunity on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night to mess with some unsuspecting Los Angeles pedestrians by presenting an iPad Mini as the iPhone 5s.

Fingerprint Scanner in Apple iPhone 5S Comes with a Catch
September 11th, 2013

The just uneiled new iPhone’s feature, fingerprint scanning technology, comes with a catch: some people simply don’t have fingerprints at all.

‘No Surprises’: Apple Unveils Fingerprint-Scanning iPhone 5S, Multi-Colored iPhone 5C
September 10th, 2013

Apple has unveiled two new iPhones at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. on Tuesday, including a low-cost iPhone 5C that comes in five colors and starts at $99 and a pricier ‘forward-looking’ iPhone 5S.

‘iPhone 5S Coming’: What to Expect at Tomorrow’s Apple Press Event
September 9th, 2013

On Tuesday at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Apple will hold an event where the tech giant is expected to launch its new iPhones and iOS7. And maybe even more.

Apple Inc Sends Colorful Invitations for Sept. 10 iPhone Event
September 3rd, 2013

The details of the highly expected iPhone 5S will be officially unveiled next week.

iPhone 5S: Release Date, Specs and Availability for Apple’s Next iPhone
September 2nd, 2013

In only nine days, Apple will introduce two new iPhone models at its media event on Sept. 10, including the high-end iPhone 5S and the company’s long-rumored budget iPhone, thus more rumuors and speculation are circulating.

Apple Trade-In Program Will Pay You Up to $280 for Your Old iPhone
August 30th, 2013

Now Apple users can trading in their old phones for a credit toward a new iPhone, Apple confirmed the launch of the iPhone trade-in program on Friday.

New Leaked Photos Show the Apple iPhone 5S in Graphite
August 26th, 2013

A new series of iPhone 5S leaked photos show the device in gold, graphite and black.

Leaked iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Pictures Flood the Web
August 24th, 2013

A set of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C pictures has leaked online, causing even more speculation and rumors.