Fiscal Cliff Deal

Fiscal Cliff Deal Sneaks in Wall Street Gifts, NASCAR Perk
January 2nd, 2013

NASCAR tracks stand to save an estimated $70 million — in other words, NASCAR tracks will hang onto $70 mil that otherwise would have ended up in the U.S. Treasury — due to a tax credit extension included in the fiscal cliff deal.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Passed By Congress after Republicans Cave
January 2nd, 2013

On Tuesday a long-running fiscal cliff crisis was finally resolved, after Congress voted in favor of a White House compromise that will impose tax rises on the wealthiest and spare the working-class and middle-class.

President Obama: ‘Modestly Optimistic’ Fiscal Cliff Deal Can be Reached
December 28th, 2012

President Barack Obama held out hope for a last-minute agreement to avoid the “fiscal cliff” of tax increases and spending cuts after a meeting with congressional leaders, scolding Congress for leaving the problem unresolved until the eleventh hour.

President Obama Will Cut Short Vacation to Work on Fiscal Cliff
December 25th, 2012

President Barack Obama ends his Hawaiian vacation and leaves for Washington aiming to make a bid to reach a fiscal-cliff deal before the year ends.

President Obama Firm on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Amid Republican Disarray
December 4th, 2012

Republicans and Democrats held “fiscal cliff” negotiations on Wednesday, but neither compromises nor solutions were reached.

Fiscal Cliff Talks: Progress Quietly Begins As Both Sides Make Opening Bids
December 3rd, 2012

Buried in the stories and slightly visible behind the public posturing, signs are emerging that a deal considering ‘fiscal cliff’ is possible.