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Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ Gender-Reversed Parody by Mod Carousel [Video]
July 24th, 2013

Robin Thicke’s summer hit “Blurred Lines” has become one of the most favourite videos for a parody, but this time it’s a gender-reversed version.

Porn Legend Jenna Jameson Endorses Mitt Romney From Strip Club
August 3rd, 2012

Jenna Jameson, the “world’s most famous porn star,” endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney last night.

Eurovision 2012: Loreen From Sweden Wins Song Contest With ‘Euphoria’ [Video]
May 27th, 2012

Sweden’s Loreen won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her dance hit “Euphoria,” pushing aside competition from a sextet of Russian grannies and a Serbian balladeer.

‘True Blood’ Star Joe Manganiello to Appear in ‘Two and a Half Men’
September 25th, 2011

It seems that Ashton Kutcher will not be the only new face in ‘Two and a Half Men’ this season.

Movie Review: Timberlake with Kunis Bring Chemistry to ‘Friends with Benefits’ [Video]
July 20th, 2011

So, as to encapsulate a new generation’s sexual tendencies and norms, “Friends With Benefits” seeks to first assault and destroy years of Hollywood paint-by-numbers love stories.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Hits the Web [Video]
July 18th, 2011

A short preview of the hotly anticipated sequel includes only a brief glimpse of Batman. Will that be enough to excite fans?