Dating and Relationship

It’s Time to Take Online Dating Seriously
March 25th, 2010

So, it’s time to take online dating seriously. Why?! In fact, a fascinating infographic from Online Schools reveals the truth about online dating — it’s booming and might even be bigger than porn.

Ode To The Nice Girls
August 25th, 2009

Every nice girl must read this story to make an important decision for herself: “This is my tribute to the nice girls. To the nice girls who are overlooked, who become friends and nothing more, who spend hours fixating upon their looks …”

Ode To The Nice Guys
August 25th, 2009

This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point.

You Need To Know More About Body Language And Flirting
August 13th, 2009

Do you know for example that only 7% of communication is verbal communication, other – body language. The largest chunk of communication is body language, which takes up the remaining 55%.