Coco will amaze you with the top-level animation, stunning world-building, and touching story.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S8 and S8+ with ‘Infinity Display’ and Siri-competitor Bixby

Samsung has prepared a number of innovations for its Galaxy S8 and S8+ to push the boundaries of traditional smartphones.

Facebook Announces New Camera and Two Additional Ways to Share Photos and Videos

Facebook gives you additional ways to capture the world as you see it.

Elon Musk Launches New Company Called Neuralink to Merge Human Brains with Computers

Neuralink will develop smart implanted devices that will enable memory improvement or allow for more direct interfacing with computing devices.

Thirdhome Will Pay You $10K a Month to Travel the World and Stay in Luxury Homes

A luxury vacation home company called Thirdhome makes a unique offer for those who strive to travel and earn at the same time.

Apple Released a Red iPhone 7 and a Refreshed 9.7-inch iPad

As iPhone fans look forward to the promised significant redesign of the device, Apple comes with a set of red products in support of its Product Red campaign.

Samsung Unveils New Virtual Assistant Bixby Ahead of Galaxy S8 Launch

Samsung has done its best to develop a new intelligent interface that will be fundamentally different from other voice agents or assistants in the market.

Norway Surpassed Denmark as World’s Happiest Country, Says New UN Report

Norway moved from the fourth place last year to the top in the annual rankings, which combine economic, health and polling data from respondents in more than 150 countries.

Amazon Brings its Voice Assistant Alexa to the iPhone

Amazon is encroaching on Apple’s territory hoping that Alexa can get a significant adoption with iPhones.

Watch the First Trailer for Pixar’s Newest Animated Movie Coco

Coco will amaze you with the top-level animation, stunning world-building, and touching story.

Microsoft Surface Studio Review: The Ultimate All-in-One PC

Though rather pricey, the Surface Studio can provide a strong competition to a touchscreen iMac.