The Internet users joined Anonymous hacker group in a massive fight against ISIS starting to replacing the terror group’s faces with rubber ducks.

Black Friday 2015 is Here: Online Spending Surge in US, Fights Among Shoppers Spotted

Online purchases rocketed in the US and UK during Black Friday as more consumers shun standing in line.

President Obama on Thanksgiving Urges To Be Acceptable To Syrian refugees

In his Thansgiving message the U.S. President urged Americans to show generosity to Syrian refugees.

Meet Li-Fi: A Technology 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi, New Tests Prove

The new technology provides the fastest Internet connection and allows to download a high-definition film in seconds.

U.S. Issues Global Travel Alert as Suicide Belt Found in Paris

The United States has issued a travel alert because of “increased terrorist threats” following the Paris attacks.

Belgian Police Arrest 16 in Anti-Terror Raids, Paris Fugitive Still at Large

Belgian police arrested 16 people during operations in Brussels but failed to catch the man responsible for the attacks in Paris.

Mali Hotel Attack: 27 People Dead, Including Five Attackers, U.N. Officials Say

A week after terrible terrorist attack in Paris the world’s hit by another one, this time in Mali.

Paris Attacks: Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud ‘Killed’ in Police Raid in Saint-Denis

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, suspected architect of Paris attacks, is dead, according to two senior intelligence officials

ISIS Releases Picture of Bomb They Say Brought Down Russian Plane

Islamic State’s official magazine shared a picture of a bomb that was supposedly blew up the Russian plane and took lives of more than two hundred people.

Paris Attacks: Two Dead in St. Denis Raid Targeting ‘Mastermind,’ Say Police

A suicide bomber and another jihadist has died in a seven-hour police raid in Paris following the last week’s attacks.