American Dissatisfaction With Everything Is Reaching Historic Levels

Americans are dissatisfied with everything what is going on in the country, a new study shows.

The results of a new research show that Americans can't approve anything what happens in the country. Photo: JMaloney/Flickr

The results of a new research show that Americans can’t approve anything what happens in the country. Photo: JMaloney/Flickr

The research which was carried out by EMC Research, was based on three surveys conducted last year, one by telephone and two on the Internet.

When lined up with historical trends on dissatisfaction and alienation, the results of the study claim that Amerians hae become much more distrustful of the government over the past several decades.

Only the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks broke the trend, for a short period of time rallying people around their leaders. Within just a few years, that feeling had faded, and faith in government and politicians returned to its steady decline.

“The man behind the latest study is Patrick Caddell, who found similar, if less intense, levels of alienation as the pollster for Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern in the early 1970s,” The Huffington Post reports.

“McGovern used Caddell’s finding to launch an outsider bid to claim the primary, before going on to lose to Richard Nixon. Caddell went on to find deep distrust within the American people in subsequent years, advising President Jimmy Carter to give his famous “malaise” speech less than a decade later. Caddell is now a regular Fox News contributor,” the publication reports.

While today’s distrust and dissatisfaction can be partially explained by the unstable economy, Caddell argues that something deeper is to blame. Two-thirds of the survey’s interviees confessed that they have no say in government, with 73 percent believing the government does not rule with the consent of the people.

“Poor economic conditions are often a major reason why Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the nation and disapprove of government leaders,” wrote Jeffrey Jones for Gallup Politics last month.

“People like to say that the country is more divided than ever,” Caddell said, “but in fact the country is united about one thing: that the political class does not represent them, that the system is rigged against them. There is a belief that the system is rigged, and that’s what we need to understand.”

The expert revealed that he sees in the survey results a mainstream America that feels increasingly at odds with government.

“The dispute that the public has with Washington and the political class is obviously at record levels,” he said. “A lot of this is due to a sense in the public that Washington does not represent them and that, in fact, they are the victims of Washington rather than the beneficiaries.”

Within the frameworks of the study its respondents were also asked about a hypothetical election among former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and “Candidate Smith,” who ran on a platform of fundamental reform.

Results showed that Smith won in a landslide, taking more votes than Clinton and Christie combined – 55, 24 and 12 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, new researches show that the American nation has more faith in the military and the police than in any of the three branches of federal government, and that Americans are less satisfied with their freedom than they were seven years ago.

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