Scrappy the Dog Euthanized After Attacking a Little Boy in ‘Hero Cat’ [Video]

The dog who attack the small boy earlier this months was euthanized.

Tara, the cat who saved a 4-year-old boy from a dog attack, has been named a hero and given the honor of “throwing” the first pitch of a softball game, but the cats opponent was euthanized.

Earlier this month Scrappy the dog  was caught on cameras when it was biting the leg of Jeremy Triantafilo in Bakersfield, California.

In the video, the Triantafilo family cat, Tara, charges on screen and pounces on Scrappy, forcing him off of Jeremy before chasing the dog away.

The hurt boy needed 10 stitches in his leg, but now he feels good. The dog, who belonged to a neighbor, was put into the custody of animal control shortly after the incident and euthanized a few days ago.

Animal shelter employees insist that the dog acted in an agressive was at the shelter and was trying to bite employees.

Earlier this month, Jeremy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo, told reporters that she believed her son’s attacker could “be rehabilitated by the family possibly” but that it was “a long and difficult procedure to get the dog back in [the owner’s] custody.”

“It’s honestly just a blur,” the woman shared, describing the attack she witnessed on her son. “I just remember hearing him and the next thing I know, I see my cat flying out of nowhere, onto this dog, and just remember trying to get my son and get the dog away and back in its yard, away from both of us that it was trying to attack.”

The 4-year-old was riding his bike, walking it up the family driveway when the dog trotted around a parked car and tore into the boy’s leg, dragging him off the bike.

Larter Tara appeared on the scene, ltrying to scary the dog away. The kitty then went after the abuser long enough to see that it was far away from the child.

The startling scene was captured in a one-minute clip compiled by Jeremy’s dad, Roger Triantafilo. The video went viral Wednesday, seen more than twenty million times on YouTube alone.

The boy’s dad revealed that he was surprised by the cat’s move. He knew only the basics of the story told to him by his wife and emergency responders before he turned to home surveillance video to help fill in the blanks.

“I was like, ‘Well, you know, I’m going to check the tape and see if we got anything, and see if it even caught what happened,’” he said. “And sure enough, it was pretty amazing to see just a cat take on a dog and so selflessly just put herself out there and not worry about if she was going to get bit or injured herself.

“I think that dog did not know what hit him.”

The heroics displayed by Tara, a stray adopted by the family six years ago, surprised everyone.

“Every once in a while she puts our dog back into her place, but for the most part, she’s just the most mellow cat you’ve ever met,” Erica Triantafilo said. “All our boys love her and pick on her occasionally. She just loves them right back anyway.”

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