Party of One

By seeing the benefits of being single, one can embrace the time for what it is—the chance to get to really get to know the one person who will be with you always.

Photo: Azem Ramadani/Flickr

Photo: Azem Ramadani/Flickr

Many people looking for love find being single to be no fun at all. Maybe it’s too much alone time or learning how to make one’s own choices without consulting another, yet for those who have been coupled for a very long time the prospect of being solo is often scary before it starts to feel liberating.

Still it can be a great time to really define what a person wants and desires from life. By seeing the benefits of being single, one can embrace the time for what it is—the chance to get to really get to know the one person who will be with you always. Plus savings can be found for savvy single shoppers.

 Flexibility Pays

When there’s only one person to coordinate schedules with the savings can be substantial for solo travellers. Granted most European rooms will charge a single occupancy fee, but US accommodations rarely charge such penalties. Too, the ability to pick off-season dates that need to fit only one person’s schedule can also provide benefits.

Airlines, for instance, may overbook and offer passengers the chance to give up their seats for a later flight. Such travel concessions usually come with a future travel voucher for one’s trouble. This is a terrific way to accrue free travel accommodations.

Become an Adventure Traveller

Any who have travelled with a companion who is more than a little high maintenance can appreciate the value of going solo and saving. That could mean choosing a hostel or camping with friends, or backpacking across the country. Though be sure not to trade in safety for savings.

Travel with like-minded frugal friends whenever possible. Simply look online for the best deals and also download mobile apps that can offer discount travel deals. Sites such as TripAdvisor act as great consumer guides due to actual travellers offering insightful reviews.

No hassle dining can also be a great boon for solo travellers. When on holiday with others agreeing on dining options can cause some of the biggest strife—yet going solo allows for cheaper food options or saving costs by purchasing small items at a local market.

Such savings are can be particularly noticeable for those who have travelled with companions who have vastly different ideas of budgets and eating schedules. If you want to splurge on ourself, can help, when you want.

Plus the busier restaurants may be more likely to have seating availability for one rather than two, so double bonus! And don’t forget the benefit of bar seating for faster service—yet another benefit to dining solo.

 Less Overhead Required

When home from holiday there can be great saving advantages for singles. The ability to choose for one rather than two opinions could very well open up a world of housing opportunities. With so many people buying into the ethos that bigger is better that means there are plenty of smaller studio apartments being left vacant, no matter how good the deal is.

Though finances may require getting a friend to share expenses it’s also a good idea to look for smaller abodes that can be found for a song. Those wishing to enjoy the benefits of city life can particularly benefit from not needing space for two. So trade in that extra room for added savings in a spectacular location or get more room for the money in a more remote locale; the best part is it’s all up to you.

Work Concerns

The ability to go where the work is can be another great advantage for singles. Today’s economy often requires workers to travel greater distances depending on the career field. Choosing whether to relocate or not can be greatly impacted by the opinion of romantic partners.

Without such input decisions can be made for the good of one’s personal finances and career. Such ability to get ahead in a specialised field of work could be greatly hampered by spousal concerns.

Yes the prospect of becoming single can seem sad and stressful. Yet it can also mark the beginning of a great life adventure that brings both success and savings. Answering only to one’s self opens up a world of possibilities, so why not enjoy life’s new chapter and even get ahead financially?

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