Corgi’s Love For His New Baby Sister Knows No Bounds [Gallery]

NEW YORK | Sunday, December 29th, 2013 10:12am EDT

Reddit user posted pictures of the adorable friendship between his Corgi pet and a newly-born daughter.

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First-time parents always have something to worry about. And one of the important things they should think about is how the household pet will react when the new tiny human is brought home. You may have heard of stories about dogs playing too rough with babies, or becoming jealous when the child is receiving more attention. But it’s not our case.

When Reddit user banpeiSF brought  his newborn daughter home, he was worried that his pet Corgi, Wilbur, wouldn’t accept the new addition to the family. However, as it turned out three weeks later the two became best friends for life. Their adorable corgi named Wilbur has become obsessed with the infant, and stays at her side to protect her all the time.

Northern California man Chris Lowe and his wife Miriam welcomed baby Claire into the world in November, and questioned how the situation would unfold with four-year-old corgi Wilbur, whom they had had since he was born.

The san-Francisco dweller shared with DogHeirs, “We got Wilbur when he was ten weeks old and he’s a little over four years old now. He’s a super friendly dog, and always tries to snuggle up with my wife Miriam or I when we’re sitting on the floor.

“When we found out we were expecting Claire, we knew Wilbur would probably be fine but we were naturally apprehensive. We didn’t know how Wilbur would handle not being the only object of our affection, you know?”

“We kept a tight grip in his collar when he first met her, but as you can see from the first pic all he wanted to do was sniff her.”

Mr. Lowe said he thinks Wilbur’s initial attraction was Claire’s soft blanket, however he soon because fascinated with her.

Chris added, “So now they’re best friends really. We never leave him alone with her, just in case, but he follows us wherever we carry her throughout the house, he gives us concerned and slightly annoyed looks when she cries, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

So dad Chris Lowe posted on Reddit photos featuring the establishment of friendship between the child and four-year-old Wilbur to prove that the only thing you really need to fear in this scenario is overload of cuteness.

Each picture was captioned with what was happening at the time, such as the first meeting, hanging out during tummy time, or the doggy protecting the infant in her swing.

Interested Reddit viewers were quick to offer opinions, including one who said they also had a corgi who came protective of their child, to the point the dog stopped sleeping. They needed a Vet to prescribe medication just to get the pup back into the habit of sleep.


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