Sex Survey Reveals What Men Lie About In Bed

A new survey shows does your man really tells the truth when you’re speaking in bed.

Despite wide-spread opinion that women fake orgasms, a new survey reveals that it’s men who tell a lie after having sex. Photo: Yerevan News/Flickr

Having polled more than 1,200 of its readers, Australia’s The Sunday Telegraph found out that 23 percent of their male fans admitted to imitating an orgasm with their partner, when just 20.6 percent of women confessing in the same thing.

The results of the study echo a recent U.S. survey that showed out of 1,080 men, nearly one in four had admitted to simulating a climax in bed.

Relationship counsellor and sex therapist Matty Silver revealed to reporters that she wash’t surprised with the received numbers and by the fact that men and women often “faked it” for different reasons.

The specialist explained that said women do it to stroke their partner’s ego as a “relationship maintenance strategy” or because of insecurities about their own sexual performance.

“Only one-in-five women is able to get an orgasm through penetrative sex alone,” she said. “Sometimes men who have consumed too much alcohol or drugs, or are stressed or tired also fake it to get `it over with’.”

“Then there is the belief that men want sex more than women. In my experience as a therapist, this is untrue. Many couples I’ve seen have complained of the opposite dynamic, with the woman feeling frustrated over her partner’s supposed lack of interest in sex.”

However, the data received in the Australian survey clearly points on the fact that men are faking much more than just orgasms. Thus, they appeared to lie more likely than women to fake an “I love you” during sex – 25.4 percent of the men admitted lying about their feelings in the heat of the moment, compared to just 6.1 percent of women.

The survey also showed that about 8.9 per cent of men and 8.6 per cent of women have been pressured into a sexual activity they’ve later regretted.

According to the polled readers, most of them lost they virginity at the age of 17, two-in-five or 40.3 per cent have had a one-night stand – half of which weren’t bothered by it in the morning – and 30 per cent said it led to a relationship, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The obtained data was hardly a surprise, claims sexuality expert and James Cook University professor Matthew Yau.

“Usually men are more upfront about their sexuality,” he said. “It will appeal to men more than women who prefer to discuss these things with their [female] friends.”

Having examined answers of the respondents, researches discovered that number of their sexual partners was between five and 10, a third of polled had sex with it two to three times a week and 17.7 per cent once a week.

Almost half of interviewed (46.4 per cent) wanted more sex, a third were quite satisfied with their sex life and a further 12.4 per cent just wanted “more interesting sex”.

When researches asked responders of their fidelity, 45 per cent of them admitted to cheating his or her partner with men saying they’d done the dirty compared to just 9.1 per cent of women.

By the way, 19.4 per cent of men admitted to cheating on their current partner – so look around ladies, almost one-in-five blokes you know could be sleeping behind your sister’s back.

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