Woolwich Terror Attack: Man Reportedly Beheaded in Brutal Assault in London Neighborhood

A man was killed in an attack with a knife and a meat cleaver in London’s Woolwich neighbourhood on Wednesday.

A man was reportedly killed in a brutalassault in London neighborhood on Wednesday. Photo: masudkarim/Flickr

London’s Metropolitan police commander Simon Letchford said in a statement that police have shot two men who had attacked the victim in Woolwich’s John Wilson Street.

Local MP Nick Raynsford supposed that the victim was a soldier returning to his barracks, while several witnesses described the attack as a “beheading.”

According to The Telegraph, two Al-Qaeda inspired Islamic members attacked their victim with treating him “like a piece of meat” in an “animal” frenzy on the suburban pavement.

The soldier they attacked was so badly butchered that it looked as if “they were trying to remove organs”, said witnessed the first terrorist murder in England in eight years.

When they finally finished beheading the victim’s body, the members appeared to say a prayer “as if it was a sacrifice”, one witness revealed to reporters.

It took police a lot of time to arrive at the scene that the killers casually paced up and down the street, with blood on their hand, making a series of pronouncements that were filmed by onlookers.

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” one of them said in a London accent.

A young soldier, who had been on duty that day in central London, was on his way back to the Royal Artillery Barracks, when two Muslim men driving a blue Vauxhall Tigra suddenly mounted the pavement and ran him over.

An eyewitness called James saw two black men get out of the car and said: “We thought they were trying to help him, we thought they were involved in this crash. ”

“Then we saw two knives – a meat cleaver – they weren’t small knives, they were like big kitchen knives used in a butchers. They were hacking at this poor guy. We saw the whole incident. ”

“We thought they were trying to remove organs. They were just hacking at him. Digging and digging and digging and digging. Horrendous.  I jumped out the car and shouted. One of the black guys went into the crashed car, got into the front, pulled out a bag. He pointed a gun at us. ”

The witness went on, adding: “He shouted ‘get in the car, get in the car’. I got on the phone to the police, called 999.”

A 42-year-old council worker who saw what happened said: “They were trying to decapitate him for 15 minutes. There was a six-year-old boy there who saw it all, he was crying and shaking. He said he could see the body but not the head.”

Some brave bystanders went to the body of the soldier to see if there was anything they could do.

One witness said: “There were brave women with the body on the floor. They were trying to shield him and covering him. The attackers with the knives they were standing over these women.”

“There was people filming it on their phones. The guy with the gun, the tall guy with the beanie, he was going over to the bus asking people ‘take photos of me’. As if he wants to be on TV. He was proud of what he’d done to this poor guy.”

Other witnesses, perhaps too terrified to run away, decided to obey orders carried out by the terrorists to film them as they were threatened with a pistol.

Llocal police officers refused to approach the killers, instead waiting 20 minutes for an armed response team to arrive.

Soon the area was cordoned off and the street became a crime scene, with the bloodied knives taped to the road under plastic sheets, the victim’s jacket lying on the tarmac and a huge bloodstain on the pavement next to the crashed car which had started Britain’s worst act of terrorism for eight years.

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