“Like Mary Poppins’: Erik Roner, Pro Base Jumper, Skydives with Real Umbrella [Video]

A skydiver jumped down from the sky over Southern California holding a large umbrella in his latest daredevil stunt.

Reports of an unidentified Mary Poppins spotted floating down from the sky over Southern California wouldn’t be as crazy as one would think.

Extremist skydiver Erik Roner has turned fairy tale into life in his latest stunt that dropped him over Encinitas while holding onto a patio umbrella, like Mary Poppins’, to carry him down.

“We’re going to see if an umbrella actually slows you down like Mary Poppins’ does,” he says while seen on camera beneath a hot air balloon, waiting for the moment he jumps down.

As The Daily Mail reports, clutching onto the base of the umbrella, on the count of three the brave man tears his release, taking him from the sky is an at first surprisingly smooth fall considering the potential wind tunnels catching underneath.

In less than 10 seconds when the air pressure turned his umbrella inside out, ripping the fabric and causing the professional mountain skier and base jumper to lose control.

He clutches the umbrellas’ skeleton before breaking away to free fall to the earth with the backup safety of a parachute.

“That was so fun,” the extremist says while safely back down on the earth. “Thanks for the idea Mary Poppins.”

After he found his torn and near shattered umbrella in the sand and dirt Eric Roner reflects on his stupendous jump, probably the first one for mankind which he acknowledges.

“You’re welcome, science. That was a big step forward. NASA is going to be able to use that one for years to come,” he jokingly says.

Roner’s videos demonstrate that he is a true character, feeding off this Mary Poppins-like danger, The Huffington Post claims.

His Facebook page chronicles his daredevil escapades, up to his most recent “Roner Vision” episode, where he compiles a series of absolutely crazy and incredible ski-dives off Lake Tahoe, California’s Squaw Valley.

As Mashable writes, the skydiver captured the entire experience on a GoPro Camera, so everyone will be able to see what it looks like to float down from the sky like the favorite babysitter.

BASE jumping – parachuting from a fixed object – is a very dangerous idea which usually involves deaths and damages.

In a New York Times article discussing popular BASE jumping locations, divers are given guidelines, including logging 200 sky dives and using BASE gear as opposed to regular sky-diving gear.

The news comes a few months after a daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner did a 24-mile skydive from the edge of space.

The former military parachutist rose in a purpose-built capsule beneath a giant helium balloon to a height of more than 128,000ft that is almost four times the height of a cruising passenger airliner.

It took the professional skydiver about two-and-a-half hours to reach 128,100ft above the New Mexico desert – and less than ten minutes to reach the Earth. Felix`s historic leap was broadcast on television around the world. Just before the jump, the 43 year-old sat nervously on the edge of his capsule, looking down at Earth.

After this historic achievement, the fearless man does not want to stop! Baumgartner’s next aim is to conquer the sky once again. But this time his height will be much lower.

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