Girlfriend Leads Boyfriend Around the World in Breathtaking Photos

Girlfriend Leads Boyfriend Around the World in Breathtaking Photos [Gallery]

Photo: Murad Osmann/Instagram

It is incredible when someone can combine their passions, enjoy and share them with the world and beloved people.

A Russian photographer is a lucky man. He has combined the two loves of his life by taking a series of stunning snaps featuring his girlfriend leading him by the hand around the world.

Murad Osmann and his girlfriend like to travel. And Murad personally loves taking pictures.

So when Murad and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova were  travelling together,  Nataly grew tired of his incessant picture-taking and grabbed his hand get him moving.

Since that moment wherever they go, they document their journeys in incredible style.

Nataly Zakharova is pictured wearing everything from jackets and hoodies to bikinis and summer dresses.

Of course, sometimes the tour guide’s clothing choices can distract from the other scenery, but click through the gallery and decide if you wouldn’t want to take this trip hand in hand with someone special.

The pair travelled around the world, visiting jungles and iconic landmarks, flying in hot air balloons and having down-time in a bowling alley.

A glance at Murad Osmann’s Instagram account reveals the globe-trotting pair including notable spots like Disney World, Venice,London’s Carnaby Street,  Amsterdam, and Bali.

And there many more places among their many destinations. Even the inside of an IKEA store gets a shout-out.

It is easy to guess the overall theme of the pictures, as it’s rather simple: “Follow Me.”

The beautiful images were posted to Instagram, where Mr Osmann has almost 25,000 followers.

First the talented photographer planned to become a civil engineer but later decided to pursue his passion for photography.

Osmann, who was born in the mountains of Dagestan, Russia, studied civil engineering at London’s Imperial College and is currently an executive producer at Hype Production in Moscow.

He told Mashable: “The first photo happened in Barcelona while we were on vacation. My girlfriend was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward.”

He continued: “But it didn’t stop me from doing photos. That’s how it all started.”

Osmann said he snaps the photos with his iPhone and uses the Camera+ app to add some corrections.

“It might seem that I have a lot of free time, but we [Hype] have a lot of shoots away from Moscow — I’m usually always busy at work abroad,” he said.

“But after we finish shooting, I often ask my girlfriend to come for two or three days and we continue our project.”

In a sign that the popular snaps are going viral, parodies are already sprouting, like this submission on Reddit, entitled “I too have an adventurous girlfriend”.

On his website he says: “For me, photography is about capturing things other people might miss. It is a way to communicate, a way to bring images that I hold in my mind to the surface.

“I want others to look at my work and see beyond the obvious – to explore the imaginary world I have created.”

Regardless, it’s an undoubtedly romantic concept — and one that’s sure to unleash the travel bug in everyone.

You can stay up to date with the rest of the stunning shots on Osmann’s Instagram page. He’ll be traveling to New York in April, where he says he’ll take more photos for the project.