‘Blue Shield of CA': Ask Dr. Jim and Bob for Fun and...

‘Blue Shield of CA': Ask Dr. Jim and Bob for Fun and Helpful Health Advice

Let me introduce you to Blue Shield of California's Dynamic Duo: Dr. Jim and his sidekick, Bob. Those two try to help people with their very common health concerns. Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr

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We all have different priorities in our lives – from our careers to our children – different elements may take precedence at different times. However, one item on everyone’s list is (or should be:) health!

Nowadays we are much more health-conscious then we used to be. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “the first wealth is health”, what is absolutely true.

Good health is a great blessing and we should value it and take care of. Personally being healthy is very important. If I am under the weather I cannot concentrate on anything else.

Unfortunately, we are not Gods. From time to time all of us have to go to the doctor with something that is disturbing us. And frankly speaking I am not a fan of visiting doctors anytime I have some issues.

I feel silly and awkward asking my doctor about things that seem to be embarrassing. Thanks God we have Internet!

A great place where you can find answers to all your questions and absolutely anonymous. Certainly there are a lot of useless websites with boring and too abstruse information that is impossible to understand.

Dr. Jim and Bob’s Fun & Helpful Health Advice

Still there is a way out! Let me introduce you to Blue Shield of California’s Dynamic Duo: Dr. Jim and his sidekick, Bob. Those two try to help people with their very common health concerns.

Every day Dr. Jim and Bob scan the Internet, searching for people with questions about their health. When they spot a problem, they post a reply and a link back to their video advice on Facebook.

That amusing Duo may provide you with a great deal of useful knowledge. They offer very informative and witty answers and tips to sensitive health questions – because after all, isn’t laughter one of the best remedies?

They have a variety of videos that address issues that… maybe you don’t love talking about. And by the way, the videos are simply hilarious! I personally enjoyed all of them.

The Diarrhea Diaries. Snorer or snoree? Who’s really to blame? Blister blunders. All of them are worth watching. I truly like their humorous approach to those problems.

Blue Shield of California, an independent member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, is a not for profit company that offers easy access to alternative care, like chiropractors and acupuncture. They offer easy access to great doctors, and they offer a wide range of affordable plans.

Today, Blue Shield of California is an independent licensee of the national association. It was founded in 1939 and headquartered in San Francisco.

The company provides health, life, dental, vision, and Medicare insurance and health care service plans in California, has one of the largest provider networks.

In 2002, Blue Shield of California became the first health insurer in the country to propose a specific plan for universal health coverage