Cinematic-MRI Captures Twins ‘Fighting’ for Space in Womb [Video]

A new video shows what happens when twins share a womb.

Twins fighting in their mother’s womb is not something everybody can see every day. A new video released by cinematic shows two babies fighting for space inside utero. Well, it may be quite common, but it’s the first time such an incredible video has been captured.

The images of twins in their little cocoons come from a study aimed at using MRI machines in order to diagnose a potentially deadly condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, reports CBS News.

The condition, more commonly referred to within the scientific community as TTTS is observed when blood from one of the twins moves into the other.

Doctors claim that it can significantly reduce the supply in the twin that loses the blood, which can result in him or her to being born smaller than their sibling, and with paleness, anemia and dehydration.

The other baby that receives the blood may be born larger than his brother or sister with increased blood pressure that may lead to heart failure.

The video was captured at London’s Center for Fetal Care and the so-called cinematic-MRI was able to pick up the pictures of what appears to be unborn twins fighting for space in mom’s womb.

“We use MRI in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, not so much for diagnosing it, which can effectively be done on ultrasound but more for looking at the consequences of it,” Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke of the Robert Steiner MR Unit at Imperial College London, told reporters.

“So one of the problems with the imbalances of blood flow is that if you get a sudden shift of blood from one twin to the other, that can cause brain injury, so it can cause stroke or hemorrhage in one or both of the twins’ brains,” she explained.

“MRI can pick up signs of brain injury much earlier and in much greater detail than ultrasound can at the moment.”

Twins fighting in their cocoons is certainly something worth watching. However, researchers and doctors hope that someday they will be able to see even more with this new technology.

Of course this is all still very new and this type of MRI cannot be available for every pregnant woman.

“I think MRI scanning is a very specialized technique and the vast majority of women have healthy pregnancies without any problems and deliver well healthy babies,” said Dr. Marisa.

“If we were to scan all pregnant women, we would pick up a very small number of abnormalities and potentially pick up something that we didn’t quote know how to interpret that might be quite stressful for some mothers.”

However, the prospect of detecting brain injuries and other potential serious issues that an ultrasound can’t is promising.

In June, NewScientist first reported on the video and Taylor-Clarke’s research.

“A lot of the so-called videos in the womb are very processed, so they do a lot of reconstructing and computer work afterwards,” Taylor-Clarke told NewScientist at the time. “These are the raw images that are acquired immediately.”

For now, twins fighting in a mother’s womb is a video that has quickly gone viral as many are excited about the possibilities for pregnant women and technology in the future.

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