‘Milking’: The Latest Student Craze in Britain [Video]

There is a new craze among students, known as ‘milking’. Undergraduates stand in stations, shopping centres, hotels and roundabouts, open a four-pint bottle of milk and empty it over their fully clothed bodies.

Bored of pushing each other down the street in shopping trolleys and placing traffic cones on top of statues, the group of male students decided to film each other pouring pints of milk over their heads, recording the stunts for their friends’ amusement.

Among the creme de la creme of British youth, an udderly bizarre trend has emerged: milking. It has been described as the new ‘planking’: students just pouring milk over their heads.

Undergraduates stand in stations, shopping centres, hotels and roundabouts, open a four-pint bottle of milk and empty it over their fully clothed bodies.

After Tom Morris posted this video to his Facebook account, it became an instant hit, with similar stunts being filmed in cities such as Edinburgh, Oxford, Nottingham, and Cirencester.

As the Tab at Britain’s Leeds University explains, “Similar in difficulty to its viral cousin planking, milking simply requires the participant to purchase some milk and then pour it over their head. The result is a thing of beauty.”

However, ‘milking’ definitely has its drawbacks: a high laundry bill and the ever present smell of sour milk. That’s why halls of residence will never smell the same again. Whey to go, students!

The Guardian reports that it is just the latest in a long line of pointless student crazes. The first one was planking, which saw the world’s youngsters lie face down in unlikely places and post the evidence on the Internet.

Then there was Batmanning, which took planking to a whole new level. Or rather, a whole new angle: instead of lying face down, they hung upside down.

Somewhere in this mix came owling – for people more comfortable with squatting than lying. And then out of left field came the cinnamon challenge, where teenagers tried to eat a tablespoon of the spice in 60 seconds, without the help of water. It’s harder than it sounds.

The acceptance of this new thing by Internet users is really diverse, with some praising the students and others accusing them of immaturity.

Interesting that the some reaction from the internet has been less than complimentary, with commenters raging against the youth of today ‘wasting’ good milk’.

However, a comment beneath the video confirms, “This is legen…dairy”, while another wrote: “Holy cow man! Dairy good video. Just semi-skimming youtube when I found this.”

Although, as one hater contends, “For the amount of milk used, this is nowhere near as a funny as it needs to be.”

Helpfully, user ‘golidilocks756′ seems to have cracked the concept of the viral YouTube video: “Why don’t they jump off a cliff idiots! They are doing it for attention.”

Actually there have been many more off-putting student crazes. The Daily Mail writes that in the spring of 1939, for instance, a craze for swallowing goldfish swept America.

It all began at Harvard on March 3, 1939, when a student called Lothrop Withington Jr boasted to his common room that he had just swallowed a goldfish. This gave rise to a modest goldfish-swallowing contest in the dining hall.

The word soon spread around other colleges. Eventually, the record peaked at a truly horrible 300 before the craze died out, as crazes do.

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