Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion

Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion [Infographic]


Photography has come a long way since the first permanent photograph which was taken in 1826 of the “view from the window at Le Gras” and required an 8 hour exposure. That photo was black and white and the first color photograph was taken 35 years later in 1861. Since the first photograph taken 186 years ago, more than 3.5 trillion photos have been taken.

Photography experienced something of a renaissance when smartphones came along some years ago. Far from being dead, mobile apps such as Instagram – which allows you to place filters on your photos for interesting effects – rejuvenated the photo industry two years ago. As of March 2012, Instagram has 27 million users and 26 photos uploaded every second. And in April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1.01 billion.

Here’s an gif-animated infographic by Overgram, an iTunes app that adds text to Instagram photos, details the evolution of photography from its birth to modern-day usage on social networks. Some interesting facts from the infographic include: Facebook has 10,000 times more photos than the Library of Congress, photos make up 42% of posts on Tumblr and 741 million mobile phones worldwide have “some type of photo capability.”

For more on the history of photography, check out the entire infographic below (click on the infographic to enlarge it).