Escort To Wall Street Clients: ‘You’re Really Small And You’re Bad in Bed’

A Manhattan-based escort has revealed all about her profession and the men she encounters, most of whom are married and talk too much she says.

In an honest and informative piece posted on Buzzfeed, the high class prostitute admits that while most of her clients are wealthy, high flyers, they behave like 'babies' when it comes to satisfying their egos. Photo:

A recent BuzzFeed article proves that men working on Wall Street could soon earn the reputation of being the worst kind of clients for escort. The female escort claims that they whine a lot and need to be constantly reassured that they are amazing in bed.

“The first time or two, I looked at their wedding rings the whole time and they always noticed and then got nervous, as if my guilt was making them feel guilty. So I decided not to look at their hands,” tells the author of the post, a 28-year-old woman, describes herself as having “the kind of tiny but curvy body that drives men wild, with auburn hair and almond-shaped eyes.”

“They want to talk a lot more than you think. They want to vent about their kids’ private schools, their bosses, their bonus talks, their friend beating them at squash,” she says.

“I didn’t even know what the hell squash was at the time. Talking, talking, talking, as if their lives were harder than mine and I wasn’t the one there to have sex with them for money. I started feeling resentful of them.”

She says that men working on Wall Street “have big egos and are big babies. If I made any sign that they weren’t the best lover, or that their dick wasn’t the biggest dick I’d ever seen, they started asking all these questions and putting me down like: “Oh, well you’ve just seen more cock than a normal, nice girl would.”

It is at times like these, she writes, she wants just to say: “No, actually, you’re really small and you’re bad in bed.”

“One guy, who said he was a bigwig at a global investment bank, came in his pants when I started undoing his belt. It was so awkward,” the escort recalls.

“He had been talking up how good he was in bed in the cab ride to the hotel from dinner, and when that happened, he freaked out. “That never happens! You must have done something to me,” he said. Like it’s never their fault.”

The Huff Post writes that the BuzzFeed article is the latest in a series of stories that have surfaced about relationships with Wall Street men, none of which have done much to improve the public’s perception of banker-types as it pertains to the ladies.

A step-by-step guide of the management skills it takes to date a finance guy was published in February by courtesy of relationship expert Samantha Daniels.

According to the book it is necessary for women to charm Wall Street men out of talking about work in the first few minutes of a date — the implication being that they have such a hard time not talking about the office that they could very well zip past the initial niceties people tend to exchange when first meeting someone.

The escort admitted that some of Wall Street men were alluring. But with time she stopped thinking so.

“Some are really handsome and well-dressed. There have been a few where I’ve actually been jealous of their wives, even though they’re there sleeping with me. It’s a weird feeling. It’s easier with the ugly or arrogant ones.”

“One guy who was in private equity gave me $5,000 a month for four months, but then he disappeared. These men, it’s like they die one day,” she wrote. “They’re all liars. Some nicer or cuter than others, but all liars.”

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