Elections 2012: Mitt Romney’s Michigan Ad Shows Him Driving a Car That Was Made in Canada [Video]

The participant of the GOP 2012 Mitt Romney has released an ad showing him driving around in a fancy Chrysler while he talks about his love to Michigan and about cars.

Mitt Romney has made one more move to win Michigan. This time he was saiyng how much he loves the state while driving around in a fancy Chrysler (check the video above.)

The former Massachusetts governor made no secrets of his ties to the heart of the American auto industry, in Michigan. His father was president of American Motors during that company’s last real run at success, in the 1960s.

“Now when I grew up in Michigan it was exciting to be here. Remember going to the Detroit Auto Show with my dad.”

“That was a big deal. How in the world did an industry and its leaders and its unions get in such a fix that they lost jobs, that they lost their future?” asks the candidate.

He kept on talking: “President Obama did all these things that liberals have wanted to do for years. The fact that you’ve got millions of Americans out of work, home values collapsing, people here in Detroit are distressed.”

“I want to make Michigan stronger and better. Michigan has been my home and this is personal,” he added.

However, this advert has caused a wave of questions. Especially, about the car Mr Romney was driving.

The problem is that that Chrysler that he’s driving is a 300 model, and the 300 is made in Canada, as claims Blue Mass Group, a political blog based in New England.

The bloggers found the difference when compared the dashboard of the car in Romney’s ad to Chrysler’s specs, and determined that Romney’s was motoring about in the foreign-born 300, instead of the locally manufactured 200.

Romney’s car is a Chrysler, manufactured in Brampton, Ontario and imported to Detroit so that it can be imported “from” Detroit, adds the Huff Post.

The car was being discussed since the Made In The USA Foundation filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission after Chrysler launched its “Imported From Detroit” ad campaign, stating false advertising.

Chrysler defended, saying that the complaint was “without merit” because the ad campaign featured the Chrysler 200, which is made in Detroit.

Fancy, but Mr Romney is not the one who failed with the car riding. Last year, Republicans were slamming President Barack Obama for riding around in a bus made in…yes, Canada!

Sen. John McCain ridiculed Obama for “touting job creation” while riding around in “a bus built in Canada.”

“The president’s been on a jobs tour,” Texas Gov. Perry said at the time. “As a matter of fact, we kinda crossed -we didn’t cross paths, but we were in the same state together, Iowa.”

“He had his big old bus, his big old $1.2 million bus – made in Canada,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Romney continues to express his endless love to Michigan. “I visited every county in Michigan, I think more than once, on my dad’s campaign and my mom’s campaign,” said the candidate, the son of the governor of Michigan in the 1960s.

“I’ve gone to the country fairs, so I didn’t always see the best of each county but I saw – but I saw every county in this extraordinarily beautiful state. I love Michigan. I love the country.”

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