‘The Cutest Thing Of the Day’: Cat Soothes Crying Baby To Sleep [Video]

Maybe after having watched this video you would decide to replace a babysitter for your child with the family cat.

At first it seems the last thing baby Connar wants while crying and writhing around is for a cat to come along and play with him.

But this adorable video shows how cat Stewie managed to calm his new friend down and send off to sleep after some careful and patient stroking.

After that the cat turns his head to the camera, and he looks absolutely proud of his achievement. “That is so sweet – it appears that Stewie is looking rather “proud” – hey, look what I did!” commented DianeDi, YouTube user.

The video of babysitter Stewie was downloaded online by Connar’s father, Aaron Grant, a 35-year-old Canadian resident, as was written in his YouTube account.

This nice story about a perfect nanny was uploaded in September but has gone viral in recent days. It’s already been viewed more than 2.6 million times and has been featured on websites as far abroad as Pakistan and Australia.

People love the video, with saying how it shows cats ‘seem to have strong instincts to comfort others’.

“Cats are wonderful companions and continue to amaze me all the time. I’ve had cats as friends most of my life. This video is a great example of how cats have an emotional interactive instinct. It will be more interesting when Connar is walking and goes after Stewie’s tail,” shared his opinion one more user, NaughtyPine69.

One more review: ”Can’t see the video where I’m at, but I can attest to the comforting inclinations of certain cats. Whenever I’m distressed about something, my cat comes up and starts nuzzling my face and purring.”

“Not sure if he’s being empathetic or just wants the racket to stop, but it is very endearing. This will be a good one to save and play at little Connar’s wedding. Way to go, Stewie cat!”

“That is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. What a sweet kitty taking care of the new family member. Amazing. Cats have scense when someone needs comforting. Our kitty will always be there when you are down or sick.”

“He does it with each family member and doesn’t favor another. It’s a different way he will just stay by you. A way he doesn’t usually hang out. I love cats!” wrote anonymous.

However, there are people who think animals can’t be allowed even to touch a child: “Five minutes earlier, the cat was pushing “nuggets” around the litter box. The baby, woke up for a minute, rubbed his forehead with his hand, then put it in his mouth.”

“Within hours the infant had a temperature of 104 and was violently vomiting from gastroenteritis. The child was rushed to emergency and was admitted to the ICU with severe dehydration. After raising a couple of kids I know enough to keep the damn cat away from the baby,” said Nelly, Paris.

“What idiotic parent would let a cat do that to a child is beyond me! I love cats, always had one, but I would never have left my cat get that close to my baby, especially my baby’s head, face or eyes. I find this totally irresponsible on the parents’ part.” [Via The Daily Mail, Huff Post and CBCNews]

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