George Clooney Suggested Actors To Remember How Lucky They Are [Video]

The actor admitted that, no matter what you might hear from others in his field, acting should not be confused with hard work.

Clooney remembered hearing actor’s complaining as he struggled to make it in the industry and said that it made him to enjoy his good fortune: “I remember I would hear of famous stars complaining in Hollywood about how hard their life was – I didn’t want to hear that.”

He continued: “So I don’t find it difficult. I find it challenging, and sometimes I’m very bad at it, but I don’t find it hard.”  The 50-year-old star compared acting with some other professions.

“Acting is not hard work. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting at a table like this, you’ve been very lucky in your life,” he said

“I cut tobacco for a living in Kentucky – that was hard work. I sold insurance door to door – that’s hard work,” the Oscar-winner said during The Hollywood Reporter’s recent actor’s round table. “Acting is not hard work. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting at a table like this, you’ve been very lucky in your life.”

"I cut tobacco for a living in Kentucky - that was hard work. I sold insurance door to door - that's hard work. Acting is not hard work," the Oscar-winner said during The Hollywood Reporter's recent actor's round table. Photo: Chiara Borghes/Flickr

Clooney kept on talking: “You caught the brass ring somewhere along the way. I’ve known a tremendous number of talented actors who didn’t get opportunities.”

“Is it hard work? It’s long hours, but nobody wants to hear you complain. I remember I was selling women’s shoes at a department store, which is a lousy job.”

Nick Nolte, who starred in this fall’s critically acclaimed “Warrior,” supported Clooney when asked about his career and life.

His spoke about a tour de force of depression, including this very honest offering: “I live with death lately because I’m 70,” he said. “After 70, you don’t think about sex much anymore. You think about death.”

“I lost [my mother] at 86. That was the last parent,” he said. “When the last parent dies you call your sister or brother and say, ‘How old are you?’ Whichever one’s the oldest, that’s the next to go. My sister’s two years older than me, but it’s not going to work out that way, I don’t think.”

Hopefully, his time hanging out with Clooney helped cheer him up. Hey, at least he’s not cutting tobacco in Kentucky.

Maybe due to this secret Clooney has become such a famous and well-paid actor.

'The Descendants' is a film about a land baron (played by George Clooney) who, after finding out that his wife was seriously injured in a motor boating accident must re-connect and tend to his two daughters, from whom he has grown apart from for many years. Photo: Fox Searchlight

The celebrity has recently shot for the film called ‘The Descendants’, the drama is based on Kaui Hart Hemmings novel. Clooney plays a father who finds himself the sole guardian of his two daughters after his wife is in a coma after the car accident.

He is clueless as to how to deal with his two girls, one 10 and one 17, that he does not know all that well.  They must come together as Matt King decides whether or not to sell his family’s ancestral lands and learns that his wife had been having an affair.

The film is directed by Alexander Payne and the cast list includes Shailene Woodley, Nick Krause, Amara Miller and Beau Bridges.

“I have seen Clooney in a lot of different films, and I dare say that this is the best film that he has ever done. The man really is an acting legend. He might be up for two Oscars come next February; one for his supporting role in October’s “The Ides of March” (which he directed and co-wrote the screenplay for as well), and one for this movie,” said Adam Rolseth, a movie reviewer.

“This is hands down one of my favorite films of the year. Clooney gives the performance of his life, director Alexander Payne gives us a great script and a great film overall. This will be nominated for several awards come next February, I promise you,” he added. [Via Huff Post and SouthWest Riverside News Network]

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