The 2011 CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape

The 2011 CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape [Infographic]


What is better Digg or Reddit to drive traffic to your website? Is Tumblr good for SEO? If you’re doing any social media marketing and these questions are part of your day-to-day work, hold onto your hats because here’s an infographic that’s actually useful for a change. teamed up with the SEO and social media firm 97th Floor to create this interesting infographic named “2011 CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape,” showing which social networks are best for various organizational, CRM and marketing goals.

“For example, if you need massive pageviews for your site or a client’s site, Facebook and Twitter are just so-so for referring their users to your content. If you want to see really big clickthroughs, you should optimize for StumbleUpon and Digg,” writes Mashable.

“And if your goal is search engine optimization, don’t think that Facebook’s “no-follow” links are doing you any favors; instead, focus on Flickr and YouTube to see your desired results on Page One.”

Check out the infographic below, and tell us your thoughts about your experiences with Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization across these various platforms in the comments below. [CMO via Mashable]