Super-Naked Bike ‘Ostoure’ Offers A Muscular Ride

Super-Naked Bike ‘Ostoure’ Offers A Muscular Ride


The word “delicate” is not exactly the first that comes to mind when you refer to a naked bike or a machine like the one which you can see on these pictures. However, Iranian designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie says that is exactly how he would describe his super naked bike design concept.

Dubbed Ostoure, which means ‘Legend’ in Persian, the bike uses “a nostalgic and the delicate body jointed to engraved designs in the Persepolis, though being a super-naked bike enjoying muscular,” the 26-year-old says.

“In Persepolis’s masterpieces the most delicate pictures engraved on the hardest material stones, which often exhibit ancient kings, knights and soldiers in battles.”

“Ostoure also utilizes delicate design, in spite of the fact that draw on the roughest class naked-bike,” the designers says on his website,” said Mohammad Reza Shojaie.

Shojaie saw the Ostoure as a 2WD, with the power transmission system consisting of two differentials; the steering in front wheel is performed by these joints. The rear suspension system is a regular single spring and is the same for front wheel, only in opposite direction.

The designer says that due to this type of front wheel suspension, the radiator dimension has been minimized and two extra small ones invented in the bike’s sides under its body support the central radiator.

The indicators are optional, with one being on the bike’s head and the other being an HUD indicator in the helmet that has been equipped with speakers and AC system, connected to the bike by Bluetooth.

The commands are generated from a module devised on the right side of the steering handle. Bike steering is like what the pilot experience in the plane. [Mohammad Reza Shojaie via Gizmodo]