How Stupid Are Your Twitter Followers?

How Stupid Are Your Twitter Followers?

This Stupid Fight screenshot shows that Justin Bieber's fans are stupider than Ashton Kutcher's--but both crowds are "dumb as a bag of hammers."

Ever wonder who’s more stupid: Justin Bieber’s twitter followers or Ashton Kutcher’s ones? If yes, than Mashable has found an excellent timekiller for You – the “Stupid Fight”, a new site from comedian Tom Scott that allows you to pit the followers of any two celebrities against each other, to see which fans are dumber.

It simply scans the last 100 @ replies to that person and looks for tell-tale stupidity indicators — like excessive exclamation points, capitalization, or the use of the abbreviation “OMG.” According to the site’s FAQ’s:

“It estimates based on several stupid indicators. Are they using twenty exclamation marks in a row? Do they endlessly use the abbreviation ‘OMG’? Do they seem incapable of working out where their Shift key is? These indicators have a strong correlation with the message, and its sender, being stupid.”

The site says it’s a tool for ranking celebrities, but it’ll work just as well with your personal Twitter account. So, feel free to test your own fans. Mashable pits Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher against each other (see the image above) as a test. Seeing as how “Justin Bieber” is an extremely popular trending topic, the results are actually quite worrisome. [Stupid Fight via Mashable]