Olivia Munn in Complex Magazine, April-May 2010 Issue

Here’s Olivia Munn in the April-May 2010 issue of Complex Magazine which finally caters to the ‘People Who Want to Bang the Entire Cast of Bambi demographic’.

Here’s Olivia Munn in the April-May 2010 issue of Complex Magazine which finally caters to the ‘People Who Want to Bang the Entire Cast of Bambi demographic’. The photoshoot was made by James Dimmock.

Some excerpts from the interview:

Did you ever think you’d reach the heady heights of doing a photo shoot with fake, um, ejaculate in your wig?

Olivia Munn: I’ve always aspired to it, but I didn’t know if it would ever come true. I wanted it in my eye for one of the [There’s Something About Mary homage] shots, but they said it was too much.

Complex is classy like that. This issue focuses on classic Hollywood comedies. What are your favorites?

Olivia Munn: Office Space is probably my top. When I grew up, everybody had New Kids on the Block posters; I had a poster of Chevy Chase. I kissed him every night. I loved Fletch. Everything that he did, I was like head over heels for.

Drugs included?

Olivia Munn: Well, it did make me go head over heels. [Laughs.] I follow Chevy. If that’s what he wants to do, and if he wants me to do that, then I will. No, actually, it’s kind of depressing. I loved Chevy so much, and there was a definite fall from grace.

We read you hate shopping “with a passion.” What does that mean?

Olivia Munn: I don’t have the discipline to become anorexic or bulimic, and when you go shopping all the time, there’s this need to fit into trendy clothes, like skinny jeans. The constant focus on what you look like—I just can’t take it.

You’re aware that you’re absurdly fit, right?

Olivia Munn: I’m a surfer and I’m OK with being called “athletic looking,” but when people say you look “healthy,” they mean you’re a fatty.

Not us!

Olivia Munn: Thank you, but I think that’s a guy’s thing. Girls are always like, “You’ve got strong calves! Don’t eat potato salad because they might get stronger—and by stronger, I mean fatter.”

What do you think about hardcore guys camping outside stores to buy sneakers and video game consoles?

Olivia Munn: My favorite thing on a guy is a cool shirt, sneakers, and a watch, so if a guy’s camping out to get sneakers, that’s cool. I think you can really tell a guy by the kind of shoes he puts on his feet.

What do guys wear that turns you off completely?

Olivia Munn: Anything that looks like an outfit he put more time into than I put into my outfit, matchy-matchy, pink shoes with a pink shirt.

Nonetheless, you’re generally very approachable.

Olivia Munn: I gave out my oliviamunn@gmail.com address on TV once, like “whatever”—and then I got 6,000 emails in one day. I had to make an alternate, but I still use that one. I’ve called fans if they gave me their number, too.

Is that ever overwhelming and/or scary?

Olivia Munn: I don’t want to be untouchable. When I was a kid, I loved Luke Perry. I sent him a five-page letter and got back one of those letters that looked hand-written, but you could tell it was just printed out. I was so upset by that. That’s why it’s important to me to be connected with the fans, because I’m not that special.

Check the full interview with Complex Magazine to find out the latest in Olivia Munn’s crazy world. And, of course, don’t forget to check some great photos from the gallery below after the jump.  [via Complex]

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