Little Home Office In Your Backyard: OfficePOD

Little Home Office In Your Backyard: OfficePOD


The OfficePOD is a small home office unit that provides nearly 7′ x 7′ of office space and storage in a curvy, contemporary package. Plop the OfficePod on your property — be it your backyard — and you’ve got a full-service modern office without the household distractions.

The OfficePOD is powered by a discrete electrical connection to your home, while web and phone connections can either be hard-wired or operated via Wi-Fi. The unit is lit by recessed lighting in its ceiling and with reflected light hidden within the walls. To the right of the desk is a series of attractive, wood-slatted storage options from closeted shelving and large drawers. Price?! There is no pricing information at the OfficePOD official website but we think that it would be lower or the same as the price of office space within your area. [OfficePOD via Freshome]

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