The World’s Most Expensive Things in 2009

To the end of the year we’ve created this list of the world’s most expensive things in 2009. Check out more of the most expensive things you would splurge on only if you had already bought everything else in the world!

The Worlds Most Expensive Things

To the end of the year we’ve created this list of the world’s most expensive things in 2009. Check out more of the most expensive things you would splurge on only if you had already bought everything else in the world!

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Ornament


This Christmas ornament is appropriately named, The World’s Most Valuable Christmas Bauble, because The National Association of Goldsmiths independently valued the bauble at 82,000 British pounds which depending on the exchange rate is just over $130,000. This beautiful Christmas ornament is designed in a snowflake pattern. Amongst the snowflakes this beautiful decoration is adorned with 500 diamonds, three of which measure one carat each. Orbiting around the snowflake bauble are two rings, which are all decked out in rubies – 188 to be exact.

The World’s Most Valuable Christmas Bauble is made with such incredible detail that its creation was only complete in November 2009, even though designer Mark Hussey had started it one year before on Boxing Day (December 26) in the UK. During its construction the rings of the inner orb were cast at the prestigious London’s Hatton Garden Jewelry Quarter.

The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Shaker


Annie Scott from Luxist was running around Amsterdam on Museumnacht (an annual event where museums across the city stay open the whole night), and she found something for which she didn’t know she was looking: the world’s most expensive cocktail shaker.

The Boston Shaker, as it’s called, is located in the gift shop of the House of Bols, a flavored liqueur company whose on-site museum/training facility is worth visiting – they won the the Dutch Design Award for Best Exhibition & Experience in 2007. The Boston Shaker was created as a collaboration between The House of Bols and The Coster Diamonds. It comes packaged as above, in a unique leather case designed and made by French family business Établissements Bernard RDB. The shaker itself is silver, 18 karat gold, and is encrusted with 480 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 19.05 carats. The price of this world’s most expensive cocktail shaker is €35,000.00 or approximately $52,164.00.

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Cocktail: Flawless

flawlessThis is the world’s most expensive Christmas Cocktail ever. The cocktail is brought to the world by Movida, a London nightclub,. Known for its profligacy, Movida claims to be the “world’s biggest supplier of Don Perignon” and swanks sailing smoothly amongst the ‘World’s Top 5 for its sales of Crystal champagne’.

They have named it Flawless because it just might be! The drink contains Louis VIII cognac, which costs about $1,500 a bottle, Cristal Rose champagne, which costs about $700 a bottle, angostura bitters, which can cost $100-$200 per bottle, and a little bit of brown sugar, which slums it at just a few bucks for an entire bag! And to further rationalize the heavy price?

Each cocktail is adorned with gold leaf flakes. And if that doesn’t convince you to treat yourself this year, consider also that there is an 11-carat white diamond ring nestled snugly in the bottom of each glass. So just how precious is this heavenly cocktail?

So precious that British security guards that must oversee not only the pouring, mixing and serving of every glass of Flawless but they will also stand by making sure that no one will bother you as you drink it! What can you expect to drop for the drink? A measly £35,000 (about $71,000 USD).

The World’s Most Expensive Hourglass

the most expensive hourglass

Hourglass, more commonly known as sandglass is the most illustrious medium for describing the quick passage of time. The two glass bulbs exchange sand as well as time through the narrow passage between them.

Now, a shop in Thailand decided to make the best use of it by replacing the sand in an hourglass with diamonds, 10.000 carats of them. The price for the world’s most expensive hourglass is $6,400,000. If you drop and break that one, plenty of people will help you to clean up.

The World’s Most Expensive Magazine: Royal Report

The pisture above shows a special edition of luxury magazine “Royal Report” in Prague October 8, 2009. The special edition, with gold letters on the cover and diamonds on the alphabet R, will be put up for auction and is expected to fetch more than 4 million Czech crowns ($228,936).

Reuters reports the price includes the special edition, a yearly subscription, a vacation 4 times a year to anywhere in the world and 12 hours use of a jet plane. The organizers are aiming to be listed in the Guinness book of records with the most expensive magazine in the world.

The World’s Most Expensive Belt: Gucci Diamond Belt


Stuart Hughes is synonymous to diamond studded gold and platinum mobile phones, iPods, iPhones maybe not only for me but for you already too, Dear Readers. The guy is blessed with a Midas touch, literally, as everything he lays his hands on transforms into something sensational. And his latest creation is the Gucci Diamond Belt. Touted to be the world’s most expensive belt, the Gucci logo is shaped out of platinum. 30 carats of flawless diamonds are encrusted on the platinum double G logo jo justify this Gucci diamond belt as the world’s most expensive belt. This belt was commissioned for mysterious client of Republic. But if you have $250,000 lying in your pocket then dig it out to add glamour to your waist with this Gucci diamond belt.

The World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses


Just taking one look at any pair of designer sunglasses will tell you that eyewear is a huge deal when it comes to the fashion world. Although any pair can be pricey, Dolce and Gabanna has come out with a pair that will blow the rest of them – along with their prices – right out of the water. Upon first glance, one may not understand why this particular pair of glasses (a product number DG2027B) is so expensive.

They are gold frames surrounding brown-tinted lenses and while nice, one must question whether they’re worth the $383,609 price tag. But look closer and the luxury of these glasses becomes obvious quite quickly. Marked on both arms is the Dolce and Gabanna logo, encrusted in diamonds.  Such high price leaving no doubts in calling it the world’s most expensive sunglasses.

The World’s Most Expensive Bluetooth Headset


Plantronics brings you a limited edition gold and diamond encrusted Bluetooth headset. Of course, make sure that your wallet has a spare $50,000 for this awesome device. When, Plantronics says limited edition, they really mean it because there’s only one version made of the Discovery 925. It’s for a noble cause too as it will be auctioned off for the Elle Charity. It looks pretty hot if you like gold and precious shimmery stones.

For those of us who don’t have the budget to spend it on the world’s most expensive bluetooth headset, the company sells a black, white or purple version for a fraction of the price at £69.99.

The World’s Most Expensive iPod: iPod Touch Supreme


Katherine Hughes from StuartHughes, has designed the world’s most expensive iPod. The iPod Touch SUPREME’s body was re-formed using 149 grams of solid, 22-carat gold, with a rear Apple logo from 21 grams of gold that houses 53 VVS1, color F diamonds. The front outer section has been set with 300 VVS1 diamonds, also color F. The main navigation buttons has 12 diamonds of the same quality set in 16 grams of gold, all of which surround a single cut pink 2.10-carat diamond, color G-H.

The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone: iPhone 3GS Supreme


Goldstriker International, a company which specializes in dipping mobile phones in gold and platinum, appears to have snatched the title of the world’s most expensive mobile phone with the creation of the iPhone 3Gs Supreme. Priced at £1.92 million (approx. $3.14 USD Millions) this is one phone you definitely wouldn’t want to leave on a bus.

The world’s most expensive mobile phone was designed by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, England and was ten months in the making. The whole casing was created with 271 grams of 22ct solid gold, while the front bezel houses 136 flawless diamonds, which total to a massive 68cts. The rear logo in solid gold has 53 flawless diamonds amounting to 1ct and the front navigation button is home to a single cut very rare diamond at 7.1cts.

Before you go reaching for your Titanium credit card, you should know the iPhone 3GS Supreme was commissioned by an anonymous Australian businessman from the gold mining industry, who is obviously benefiting nicely from the current soaring gold price thank you very much. If you want something similar you’ll just have to contact Goldstriker International and commission your own.

The World’s Most Expensive Gaming Console: Nintendo Wii Supreme


Looking for a gold-plated games console to go with this gold-plated iPhone 3Gs Supreme? Then you might be glad to hear than Goldstriker International have turned their gold dipping attentions to Nintendo’s Wii to produce the world’s most expensive gaming console: Nintendo Wii Supreme. The extravagant creation is once again the work of Stuart Hughes. While the iPhone 3GS Supreme was ten months in the making, he has managed to dunk a Wii in gold and slap on a few diamonds for buttons in just six months.

That’s easy to say, but we can see how it might be time consuming to coat the console in over 2,500 grams of 22ct gold and affix 78 x 0.25ct diamonds, which total 19.5ct, to the front buttons. It doesn’t appear that the gold plating extends to the Wii-mote – which is probably just as well since a flying Wii-mote is bad enough, let alone one with the extra weight of gold plating.

If you think a Wii Supreme would make a great gift for the person who really does have everything then you better be quick. Stuart Hughes will only be producing a limited edition of three gold plated Wii Supreme consoles, each at the impossible to pass up price of GBP 299,995 (approx. $482.000 USD).

The World’s Most Expensive Dress: Diamond Dress by Faisol Abdullah

30 Million Diamond Dress

The world’s most expensive dress is being designed by Faisol Abdullah from Malaysia. This is going to be a very unique dress with 751 diamonds gracing it from Middle Eastern jeweler Mouawad. At $30 million, this is by far the most expensive piece of clothing. This silk and taffeta evening gown is called the “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur,” and is adorned with a beautiful central 70 carat pear-shaped diamond will debut in time for next month’s Stylo Fashion festival.

“Stocks drop, gold is even falling but a diamond is forever,” Abdullah tells Reuters. “This is a dress with diamonds. Why go backwards, why can’t we go forwards? We are going to the fantastic, but its real. You are getting value for money with these diamonds.” “It’s a security and insurance nightmare buts it’s worth it,” adds Antoine Bakhache, head of Mouawad’s Asia operations. “It’s not throwing $30 million right down the drain, it is an investment for the super-rich.”

The World’s Most Expensive Xmas Gift in 2009


Looking for the perfect Xmas gift for someone who has almost everything? Then the December issue of Robb Report is a must-have with its exclusive “Ultimate Gift Guide,” perfect for those for whom cost is no object. This year, the world’s most expensive Xmas gift is a matching custom private jet and megayacht set costing $500 million.

The recipient will receive an Airbus A380 (see the picture above) – the world’s largest jumbo jet, and an awesome megayacht, both customized by famous designer Patrick Knowles. The interiors will complement each other creating what Knowles calls a “custom personal brand” for the lucky owner.

However, considering the backlog on A380 deliveries and the time required to design and build a custom megayacht, the giftee will have to wait at least six years to get their hands on the toys.

The Most Expensive Piece Of Art Ever Made: One Billion Dollar


Many people may not be able to appreciate a million dollar product as sometimes even the most subtle objects carry a threatening tag. So, here is a million dollar art work that speaks volumes about its value without any camouflage. The One Billion Dollar by Art Marcovici needs no description.

One Billion Dollar is stacked on 12 standard pallets, alltogether 10 million 100 USD notes. One Billion Dollar is not so much about what you see but what you could do or not do with the money. Besides, this is the most expensive piece of art ever made.

So, what is your favourite the world’s most expensive thing in 2009? We fully understand that this list is incomplete, and if you know a product that has been hitting this year as one of the world’s most expensive  and could replace one of these things, so let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your opinion!

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